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***4 1/2 Insatiable Stars!***

This is a man. With a capital MUH.

Nick Frost is a man with an insatiable hunger for a girl he’s just met, an overflowing bank account, and too many enemies from his past who want to expose his secrets.

“You do things to me Mia. Things I hadn’t expected. Things I’ve never felt before.”

Mia James is a girl who can’t trust her own heart and is far more interested in digging through Nick’s closet for skeletons than she is peeking into her own past.

He must never, never know.

Tension abounds between these two. Their connection is undeniable and their passion blazes, but neither one wants to surrender control to the other. Nick is willing to give Mia his heart, but what about his secrets? And Mia grudgingly gives up her time and space and body, but can she find it in herself to really trust a man with so much darkness seeping out from his past?

The sex is stunning, sometimes daring and other times hilarious and always making you ask yourself why Mia isn’t just quitting her job and appointing herself Nick’s 24/7 sex slave. (Because I mean, that’s what I’d be doing in her position!)

Although this technically isn’t an NA book (Nick is 35) it is told from Mia’s POV, and as she’s a whole decade younger, Beguiled has that breathless feel which is the trademark of New Adult erotic romance. The agony of every decision. Days feeling like years. Uncertainty. Crippling fear. Every plunge feeling like you’re plummeting to your death. And though at times I wanted to slap Mia silly, I was fully on this ride with her. I felt her desire, her reluctance, her pain.

The ending couldn’t rightfully be called a cliffie, but it frustrated the hell out of me (in a good way) as there are many unanswered questions between these two. There are also some intriguing minor players who I have a sinking feeling will come to the forefront in the next two installments in ways that will shock and surprise. Terri George has promised Book Two in late December, and I for one will be pouncing on it as soon as it’s released!

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beguiled-The-Frost-Trilogy-1-ebook/dp/B00LGBX0D6

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