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my tongue in your mouth

When Cari the Kitchen Goddess asks Rory for a drag of her cigarette, the young dishwasher thinks her night can’t get any better. Relegated to working on Valentine’s Day evening for some extra cash, she’s delighted and shocked when she & her crush share a brief smoke outside, alone.

Later, Rory’s surprised again when Cari offers her a ride home and then proposes spending the evening together at her place. Rory readily accepts the chance to spend time with the woman of her dreams. Despite the fact that she is obviously there for rebound sex, Rory decides to enjoy the opportunity and show Cari that youth does not necessarily equal inexperience.

When she makes the decision to put her own pleasure in Cari’s able hands – something she’s never trusted to another partner – she is surprised again by the ease with which the sultry older chef satisfies her. What was meant to be a meaningless romp between two co-workers turns more intimate than either imagined. But will an ill-timed phone call from Cari’s ex mar their Valentine’s Day fun?

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