Release Day – The Rewards of Letting Go 

Today is the release date of my fourth novella, The Rewards of Letting Go

I wrote ROLG over a year ago, so I’m excited that it’s finally going live! When I started this journey, I had no idea how long it would take my stories to see the light of day – for various reasons – and I’m still a bit shocked when they do. 

Meredith, the MC, is dear to my heart. Her submissive desires don’t exactly align with her feminist upbringing. Lucky for her, she meets Mark, who is  not a typical Dom. Sparks fly, but can Meredith stop thinking long enough to let herself go? And is Mark prepared for the Meredith challenge? 

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Popping Stitches, Pulling Seams

I just finished an INTENSE editing process for an F/F anthology featuring a short story of mine. These were third round edits, due the day after my daughter’s wedding, and the feedback was VERY particular and quite demanding. But it was so brilliant I moved right past my stubborn pouty ego and just dug in. 

I had to rip seams. Imagine you sewed a shirt, and right about the time you were stitching on the last button, feeling like a boss who just made an amazing shirt, someone came by and said, “Respectfully, I think you can do a much better job on the right arm.” 

It was like that. PAINFUL. But I realized these editors knew what they were talking about. They cared enough about my story to give it careful time and consideration. They weren’t telling me my shirt was a crappy shirt. They were telling me my shirt had the potential to be a great shirt if I was willing to pop a few stitches and think about it in a different way. 
Man, it hurt to rip that sleeve off. It did. I was sure my shirt wouldn’t recover and I’d be weeping into a mess of thread and pieces of material. But it happened, and I survived. 

I survived, and I made a pretty great shirt. 

Sending a big, anonymous “thank you” to the ladies who made that possible. 

 Once Anthology – May 28th

I’m so excited to have a short story appearing in the Once Anthology in just a couple weeks! It’s been great collaborating with the other authors to bring this sexy collection to life. 


Don’t Break the Spell, my contribution, was born of a concept I’d been toying with for a while. As stories often do, it took on a life of its own and changed quite a bit from my original idea. 

I blame it on Wyatt. He’s a good guy, down to his bones, and his quiet voice became the loudest one in the story. I had no choice but to notice him. 

I hope you’ll get a chance to meet him and all the other smoldering heroes in the collection! 

xo L.E. 

Smut Gives Change a Voice


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I’m over the moon to have been included in this collection of erotic shorts, not only because I’m in VERY hot company, but also because 100% of our proceeds will go to two important charitable foundations: The It Gets Better Project and The Trevor Project.  If there’s anything I love more than erotica, it’s erotica for a great cause. Lending my voice in whatever capacity I can to the support of LGBTQ youth is about the best use of it I can imagine.

This project is also dear to my heart because it features fantasies. The author who published this collection, Arden Aoide, wrote some on-demand stories for people with specific fantasies who could not express them but wanted to. She gave a voice to their secret desires so they could come out of their hiding places and dance with the other dirty thoughts that erotica writers commit to paper every single day. I love the idea of giving everyone’s shameful secrets, taboo desires, darkest needs, and curious imaginings a place in the sun.

Anne Rice has a great quote in Exit to Eden: “Maybe it’s that we are all outsiders, we are all making our own unusual way through a wilderness of normality that is just a myth.” 

There is no “normal.”

There is no “dirty.”

There are plenty of things to be ashamed of, but desire isn’t one. Sexuality isn’t one. Feeling trapped inside the wrong body isn’t one.

Happy naughty reading, everyone!

xo L.E.

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Where’s All the Lady Love?


According to countless articles and various surveys, one of the top fantasies for straight women is sex with another woman. Whether that’s in the context of a collaboration with the man in their life or whether it’s a solo project, the prospect of lady love gets the female motor running. So why does F/F erotica get the short shrift with readers of erotica and erotic romance?

I’ve read lots of great M/M erotica and erotic romance. I don’t think there’s anyone I know who isn’t down with boy love, unless they’re lying to me. Many of my friends on Goodreads have entire shelves devoted to M/M erotic romance. But everybody gets a little squirmy (not the good kind) when talking about Sapphic sexual encounters. There’s a lot of mumbling and shuffling of feet, some downward-cast eyes, and next thing you know, “Will you look at the time?”

Hmm… Why is that?

I have a Facebook friend who admitted that her husband felt threatened when she casually mentioned she wanted to read F/F erotica. Somehow, that was more scary for him than his wife reading about well-endowed billionaires. Why? My guess is that it seems like a real threat. In a straight man’s mind, no middle-aged housewife is getting banged by Christian Grey. But in his fertile imagination, she could very well have a few too many margaritas on Girls’ Night Out, let her friend Tracy slip her the tongue, and end up in a relationship that’s very confusing for the children. Men fear that kind of stuff. Legitimately fear it.

But what do women fear? Where is the reluctance to indulge in one fantasy while indulging others? Why is a literary dip in the lady pond such a taboo?

In my network of readers, authors, and bloggers, I’d say the top fantasy going (for both male and female readers) is the male dominant character. The alpha billionaire/demon/hedgehog/T-Rex is the winner. Bonus if he likes a little bondage or wants to inflict mild humiliation. The next fantasy in the hierarchy is the M/M romance, which includes lots of hot and rough sex but culminates in love. (Presumably because hot gay men, like hot dominant billionaires, are harder to tame, but sweet sweet love can domesticate their feral hearts.)  And FYI, many of the avid M/M readers are lesbians. (Yep.) So there you have it.

There are only a few friends of mine who admit they enjoy a F/F story.

It could be that they really aren’t curious, although that negates both everything I’ve ever read about female fantasies and the many drunken confessionals I’ve heard from girlfriends over the years.

It could be that, like my one friend, their husbands or boyfriends are threatened by it enough to make them sacrifice the few books that come along that strike their fancy. Better to pass it by than have to spend hours cajoling a sulky S.O. (I get it, ladies, I do.)

It might be the fact that there is a dearth of traditionally- and self-published female erotica, especially quality stories.

Personally, I’m hoping that more steamy lesbian stories will make their way into the market and lure straight women to the genre. You know why? Because women are HOT together. They can be as bossy and demanding and selfish as men or they can be more sensual, more attentive, more satisfying than men can ever imagine being. They don’t have that bothersome refractory period to worry about, and they get the mysteries of the female body.

It’s good times, people. Very good times.

My favorite feedback about A Whole New Level is when women who have never read F/F before tell me they enjoyed the girl-on-girl scenes in that story. Yes! Now we’re talking! Some confessed to being a bit squeamish about reading the girlie action at first but later confessed to finding it “sensual” and “hot.”


I love just all sexual pairings, so I don’t want to confine myself to a niche, at least not yet. I’ll be honest – if there are any two people in a room (or three, but not four unless they’re paired off, otherwise things get a bit busy with all the bits and pieces to pay attention to), I am all over it. Men and women. Men and men. Women and women. Any pairing whatsoever.

I can’t claim to be a “lesbian author” in the traditional sense, because I don’t identify as lesbian and my female characters do not all identify as lesbians. My characters are lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, heteroflexible, and straight. They are the fluid children borne of an omnivorous mind.

But I have a soft spot in my heart for the F/F genre. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a literary underdog right now. Maybe it’s because my lesbian friends are clamoring for me to write more of it. Maybe it’s just so hot that I really want to share it with the world, the way I couldn’t shut up about Magic Eraser after I first tried it. (Though believe me, vaginas are infinitely more magical than any cleaning product, I promise.)

In any case, I’m doing my little part by working on my own F/F projects. I love writing about women together. My first lesbian erotic novella, I Owe You One, is due out February 1st from Strange Flesh Press and will be available on both Amazon and Smashwords for only $.99.

For more great works by women for women about women with women, check out Strange Flesh Press or Ladylit Publishing, two presses dedicated to lesbian erotica.

And if you’ve read a great F/F story or have some thoughts on why the F/F genre is still such a touchy subject, I’d love to hear from you!

REVIEW by L.E.: At the Water’s Edge by Harper Bliss (@HarperBliss , @AuthorLE)

This book made my list of most surprising reads of 2014! Love this one.


91ca1bEPylL._SL1500_Sometimes you need to go back to where you came from…

After a traumatic event that has left her in deep need of healing, Ella Goodman returns to her hometown in Oregon. While staying at her family’s cabin at the West Waters lake resort, she finds an unexpected friend in level-headed owner Kay Brody. But Ella’s sole objective is to restore the broken ties with her family, and she has no time for distractions like falling in love. The healing process is confrontational and difficult though, and she is soon forced to realize that people like Kay only come along once in a lifetime.



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I Owe You One


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my tongue in your mouth

When Cari the Kitchen Goddess asks Rory for a drag of her cigarette, the young dishwasher thinks her night can’t get any better. Relegated to working on Valentine’s Day evening for some extra cash, she’s delighted and shocked when she & her crush share a brief smoke outside, alone.

Later, Rory’s surprised again when Cari offers her a ride home and then proposes spending the evening together at her place. Rory readily accepts the chance to spend time with the woman of her dreams. Despite the fact that she is obviously there for rebound sex, Rory decides to enjoy the opportunity and show Cari that youth does not necessarily equal inexperience.

When she makes the decision to put her own pleasure in Cari’s able hands – something she’s never trusted to another partner – she is surprised again by the ease with which the sultry older chef satisfies her. What was meant to be a meaningless romp between two co-workers turns more intimate than either imagined. But will an ill-timed phone call from Cari’s ex mar their Valentine’s Day fun?

Coming soon from Strange Flesh Press!

Book Review: Light Shadows by S.L. Jennings

After Dark Book Lovers

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Title: Light Shadows (Dark Light #3)
Author: S.L. Jennings
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: 337 pages
Rating: 4 stars


Twenty-one years ago, Gabriella’s life was stolen from her before it even began.

Orphaned at birth and encompassed in a fortress of lies to protect her identity, she never truly understood her purpose on this earth. But now that she has ascended, embracing her destiny, the ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her.

Even with insurmountable power running through her veins, part of Gabriella is irreparably broken. And with old enemies working to destroy the tiny shred of normalcy she has left, she’ll be forced to face the ugly truth about Dorian, the man she chose to love despite his darkness.

Everything she loved is a lie, and everyone she thought she knew is a stranger. And now that Gabriella is about to be thrust into the battle of…

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